National Food

Premium Lamb

National Food Since 1999

Established in 1999, National Foods is an import and distribution company and we specialise in importing traditional premium lamb directly
from Australia.

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    "Top quality lamb"

    Our lamb is slaughtered under
    Australia's strict hygiene
    management and halal certification
    programs, ensuring
    the highest levels of freshness,
    nutrition and taste.

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    "Tender and tasty lamb"

    Our products are sourced
    from F2 breeding programs that
    produce lamb that is tender,
    flavoursome and lacks the
    stronger smell associated
    with some other lamb products.

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    "Continuous exchange
    with professional producers"

    National Foods works to maintain
    the highest quality of its products
    through regular personal contact with
    our Australian partners and suppliers
    who provide us with world
    renown Australian lamb.